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    llpx2 started off as a hash tag in remembrance of loved ones who had gone on before me. Regeneration became my purpose to live again. I gained an understanding that true healing comes in 3 parts, Mind, body and soul. Mental physical, and spiritual health. There is no cure to grief only a journey we each must concur alone. It helps to connect with others who are on the same path. God saw me struggling and heard my Prayers and decided to reveal to me my inner purpose. I am a natural helper I have an Associate's Degree in Human service Management that was collecting dust until now. My ability to listen and empathize is a super power. I may not have all the answers but I can locate resources to help others. I may not know everything, but my goal is to connect you to someone who can.


    The Ouroboros symbol (The dragon) represents creation out of destruction, so no matter where you're at in your grief journey there is beauty on the other side. Regeneration to me means that everything poured into you comes out in greatness. It's the belief that no one dies in vain, everyone has a reason and season. With regeneration I want everyone to look at the impact there loved one had on their life and expand upon it. They may have shown you the right path, or the way not to go. Either way you learned from them, you loved them and you can still make them proud!